Audio Tips

A clear audio recording will save you money and save us processing time. Here is a list of 'dos' and 'don'ts' to consider when dictating.


  • Record your audio interview/dictations in a quiet place that is free of interruption and background noise.
  • Keep the recording device close to you (if using a mic, keep it near your mouth, but not directly up to it).
  • When interviewing someone, keep the recording device at an equal distance between you. If the interviewee is a quiet speaker, kindly move the recording device closer to them and ask them to speak up as much as possible.
  • When there are multiple speakers, try not to interrupt each other. Let each person finish their sentence to the best of your ability.
  • Turn off cell phones to avoid interruptions and beeps.
  • Turn your face away from the recording device if you need to sneeze or cough. This can hurt our ears.


  • Record your audio interviews/dictations in a crowded or busy public place with a lot of background noise.
  • Speak quietly.
  • Chew gum or eat while you're speaking.
  • Interrupt the other speaker too often.
  • Cough, sneeze, or yell into the recording device. (Yes, this happens all the time!)
  • Record an entire interview without doing a quality test first - this is very important to avoid having to re-dictate or submit a poor quality audio dictation to us.

Follow these tips, and your dictations will be top notch. We appreciate your consideration.