Transcription Services:

  • Audio transcription base rate: Starting at $1.25 per audio minute. This applies to single speaker audio.
  • Multiple speakers (audio interviews with 2+ speakers) rates are tiered as follows:
    • 2-3 speakers at $1.50-$2.00 per audio minute
    • 4 speakers at $2.40 per audio minute
    • 5+ speakers at $3.00 per audio minute
  • Rush jobs: We provide rush services within one business day. A job is considered a rush job if we have not previously contracted to specific daily or weekly production numbers with you, and you are immediately in need of your transcripts within one business day. A fee of $25 applies for up to one hour of dictated audio. An additional $10 per audio hour will be charged for rush dictation requests that exceed one hour of dictated audio.
  • Challenging audio: When it comes to transcription, clear audio is a key factor in being able to process dictations in a timely fashion. In the case of challenging audio files (static, quiet speakers, background noise, etc.) our processing time is sometimes exponentially increased. Therefore, a challenging audio adjustment fee will be negotiated on top of the audio base rate. Please see our Audio Tips page for some useful instructions on how to ensure you are creating a quality dictation.

Handwritten to Word-Processed and Document Editing Services:
Our rates for handwritten to word-processed as well as document editing services are based on the overall word count of the projects as well as the clarity of the content. This is worked out on project-by-project basis.

Turnaround Times:
The general turnaround times are dependent on the quantity of audio each client is needing transcribed. This is worked out on an individual basis for each project, but we guarantee you will get your transcripts in a reasonable time frame.

Payment Options:
We accept credit card payments online through PayPal (just click on the button below), Interac e-mail money transfers to, and cheques payable to the address on your invoice.